Suzuki 2.5 HP DF2.5L2 20″ (Long) Outboard Motor


– Compact and Lightweight Design
– Saltwater Rated
– Multi-Layer Corrosion Protection
– Quiet Below-the-Water Exhaust
– Fold-Down Tiller Handle
– Twist-Grip Throttle with Tensioner
– Large Carrying Handle
– Suzuki PEI Pointless Electronic Ignition
– 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission Rating
– Shallow Water Drive (2 positions)
– Over-Rev Limiter Protection
– Compression Reduction Starting System
– Steering Friction Tension Control
– Emergency Lanyard Stop Switch
– Built-in .26 Gal. Fuel Tank (55 min. @ WOT)
– 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller
– Suzuki 3-Year Warranty

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The Suzuki DF2.5 portable outboard is the smallest Suzuki 4-stroke to date. Weighing just 30 pounds, the DF2.5 is the lightest Suzuki 4-stroke motor ever built. Suzuki is also proud to note that the DF2.5 meets the rigorous EPA 2010 and CARB 3-Star Ultra Low emissions standards. A 2.5 HP single cylinder OHV 4-stroke engine, with 4.15 cu. in. displacement, generates plenty of power for small tenders and inflatables. It features easy-to-pull recoil starting with Suzuki Pointless Electronic Ignition. No battery is required for this remarkably simple and reliable system.


•  Digital CDI
•  Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System

DF2.5 Advantages

Over Honda
  • 4.2 cu. in. vs. 3.4 cu. in. No replacement for displacement.
  • Water cooled vs. Air cooled
Over Mercury
  • 30 lbs. vs. 38lbs. Lightweight, compact design, better power to weight ratio.
Over Yamaha
  • 30 lbs. vs. 37lbs. Lightweight, compact design, better power to weight ratio.
  • 3 Star vs. 2 Star

Additional information

Weight 31.0 lbs



Transom Height



Trim And Tilt

Fuel Delivery

Fuel Tank

Cylinder (s)


Bore And Stroke

Full Throttle RMP Range

Induction Scavenging

Valves Per Cylinder

Fuel Type

Oil Type

Oil Capacity

Cooling System

Saltwater Rated

Gear Ratio

Gear Shift


Internal Battery


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